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Wednesday,August 16 2017| 15:26 P.S.T.

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KPWT is proud to announce that the Dakhla Kiteboard World Cup is to be held on the 27 September, ending on the 3rd October 2009 in Morocco.

65 best Pro international male riders and 12 female competitors are register for the Dakhla Kiteboard pro World Tour 2009. Over 20 nations represented ! A top KPWT Kiteboarding event at one of the best place in the world .....DAKHLA !

Dakhla is situated on the Western Sahara coast of Morocco, boasting consistently strong winds and a vast range of kitesurfing conditions.
It is a huge sandy basin with a lagoon stretching over 50km?s and a North Westerly wind, which is prevalent all year round.

There are natural thermals that accelerate down the peninsular that meet the cold Atlantic, offering a strong constant wind for the riders.

It offers a unique kitesurfing adventure for riders and travelers alike, with your accommodation under canvas and your travels off the beaten track, what better way to experience the KPWT with Dakhla attitude!!

Also KPWT is proud to announce that the event in Dakhla will host sliders! The local organisers have agreed to build 3 sliders (Kicker, Box Frame, and Up Flat Down) on the beautifull lagoon for the event and we will run expression sessions like before in Canada. This discipline is growing fast and we encourage all riders to participate in this exciting new branch of the sport.

We are all really looking forward to the event in Morocco. It promises super conditions for kiteboarding and we hope it to be an exciting spot on the World Tour in the future.
Thank you again to the local organisers for hosting the KPWT and all the international riders that will be attending the event this month.

Other than the kiteboarding competition, the spectators and riders will have the opportunity to enjoy various sideline activities such as the Exposition at Dakhla city (Corniche) from 10am to Midnight everydays, the kids activities, Live concerts everydays

Keep in the loop for more updates and press releases to come on this exciting adventure!

POSTED : 21/09/2009

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